Rachis is a South Australian-owned and managed company dedicated to making businesses more efficient. We make sure your IT not only does what it should but we are continually looking for ways to improve it so your business becomes more productive, more efficient and ultimately easier to manage.

Our Approach

We listen.

You know what you need it to do and we will provide you with the options to do it.


We ask questions.

We will make sure you are getting the best advice for your current needs and planning for the future.


You will see us.

We're on call when we're needed, and we're also keeping an eye on the big picture, making sure it's all working the way you want it to work.


We share.

We'll make sure you know about the latest developments affecting your IT environment and we'll constantly show you ways to improve efficiency.


We do what you need.

When you need support for a specialised IT functionality, we can provide it. When you need to create an IT department, we can be your IT department. When you need help talking with third party suppliers, we can do this for you. Or when you just want to find out what you need to be planning for and how to get started, we can evaluate your business IT needs and provide you with a plan.